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I’m seriously considering skipping class…

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  1. tell-me-wherethewildthings-are answered: Massage it, ice it, and then cover it up with makeup or something !
  2. pepijnjoost answered: You should hold your breath! or just try to to get scared really bad one time :)!
  3. what-the-truck answered: keep toothpaste on it for 15 minutes.. and after another 15 minutes, put ice on it. or massage it.
  4. firstfiveseven answered: collared shirt/coverup. come on rosie, I feel like you’re the one who taught me this… haha
  5. shelbiimo answered: ice it, then tons of coverup!
  6. songsofloveandhealing answered: Cover up!!!!
  7. justroise posted this

Nickname- Roise
*Studying psychology and “figuring” everyone out.
*Smoking more weed than I probably should.
*Using the word “fuck” in too many sentences.
*Writing down observations like Harriet the Spy.
*Offering you a sarcastic remark.
*Gawking over anyone willing to intellectually stimulate me.

“There are as many ways to live in this world as there are people in this world, and each one deserves a closer look.”



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